Tall, Dark and Handsfew

14 10 2008

Yes, I am one of those. The permanent member of “The Singles” club and after reading lots of forwards titled something like “The virtues of being single” and all, I am still not convinced that I am not a loser. I am one of those infinite men in the universe who end up being just friends with the girls rather than their respective boyfriends. I have it all – job (ya, IT, but it pays well), a house (which only guys visit), tall, dark and some people even other than my mom say I am handsome. I don’t smoke and I drink socially, a drop or two. I don’t have any bad habits as such. I don’t bore people much (I know this because at times when I really bore them they ask me to shut up on my mouth and this hasn’t happened many times). And yet for some unfathomable reasons I am single.

Things I often get to hear from girls are:

1) You are so sweet.

2) You are so cute.

3) You are my best friend.

4) It’s great to have you around.

5) My boyfriend’s busy and there’s this movie I don’t want to miss. So I was wondering if you could get a couple of tickets for both of us. (Here us does not include me, but its she and her busy boyfriend.

And well, you have to be sweet when a girl calls you that and you have to be around (not with) because you are good if you are doing that.

Things I don’t get to hear are:

1) I love you.

2) You are so sexy.

3) I wish to spend my whole life with you.

4) You want to come upstairs for a coffee?

5) Kiss me! Now!

And now after so many years of not listening to these lines, I am beginning to believe that I will never ever get to hear them.

I don’t know what is wrong with me. Why do I always end up becoming friends with girls!? I have seen guys who are, well, “not-so-gentlemen”, to put mildly, going out with the best of the girls, having fun, ditching them or being ditched by them, still being happy and finding a new girl whom they can actually introduce as “my new girlfriend” without the girl feeling bad about it. And the only thing I end up saying is, “What did the girl see in this loser?”

I remember there was this day I decided that I wont be a nice guy anymore and the very day a friend-girl broke with her boy-friend. So she calls me up to meet me (that’s the exact time when girls actually remember me) and I am prepared to take my chances. So here is a girl, single and talking to a changed me. The new me. The straight-talking me.

“You deserve it”, I say, “for going out with that jerk.” And I am about to say why she needs to be with a guy who can hold her and all when she says, “Oh! You are so nice. I wish my boyfriend was like you.” and starts crying on my shoulder.

I mean W-H-AT–T-H-E–H-E-L-L!!! I am being bad and still I am good and she wants the bad guy to be like me and doesn’t want me. And that’s when I actually understood the meaning of the song I had been listening to since I was a child

Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi me aaye

Toh baat ban jaaye!!

For those who don’t understand Hindi, all it means is “My life will be made if someone like you walks into it”, get it? Like you – not YOU.

So that’s my story. I don’t believe in the mails that tell me why its great to be single but then there’s nothing I can do to actually compare the two modes of life: committed and single. I don’t think I will ever fall in love. Or rather I don’t think anyone will ever fall in love with me. I will always be single. Every girl teases my on some other girl but no one wants to go out with me. Sometimes I wonder if they even ever think about me unless they have just had a broken heart.

And I don’t think that my so-called friend-girls (not girlfriends) will ever realize that my friendship could actually be my love? But then, I can’t sulk about it, can I?, because I am the nice guy who is always around. What say?



13 responses

14 10 2008

dear friend,
it is really nice to hear such a monologue from u.But do u know that we,girl want commitment because we do feel the eternal insecurity among ourselves.this insecurity usually we,modern girls deny.
u r not a looser but a very dear friend whom i personally think as kid ( may be thats why girls say u sweet or cute ). friendship also includes love but the level of love is different there.one can take the risk to lose a boy-friend but true friend is hard to get.

14 10 2008

Hey Vikky .. did that come from the bottom of the heart or was it another classic post of yours ??

jokes asidee .. i totally agree aditi’s comment “true friend (like you) is hard to get” .. pbly thats the reason that all your friend girls want to be that way 🙂

newayz life as a singlr rocks man !!

14 10 2008

“but what i fail to understand is their reluctance to accept the friend as their boyfriend..the love of their their life…THE ONE….”

– not always true…

14 10 2008

Having a girl in his life or not having a girl in his life…does not make a person loser..There are boys who think they are losers when they dont have a girl and if on one fine day a girl comes in to their lives..they will be happy for some time and then after that they end up saying “I wish I would have been single”…..so it doesnt matter man if you are single enjoy it and if you are not then also enjoy…”Being Single and feeling like a looser is a matter of mind..if you dont mind it hardly matters”

14 10 2008

viks..is that you??? really???
neways..but I wud say..birds of same feather flock together..n u know wht i mean 😉
so lets pack our bags n go GUJ 😉
neways..nice one..keep writing..

14 10 2008

hey buddy, great blog i must say .. well, this post does resemble mine quite a bit.
But, i think, when you have a “girlfriend”, you cannot share the same level of bonding(which you had before) with other female friends. I think, girls really do have such insecurities about their boyfriends being emotionally close to other. Not to say tht I am a flirt .. but ‘sincere to all’ friend.
Its fun to have female friends .. but do you prefer if they are single? If the intentions are clear and straight, it really doesn’t matter, except that if committed, she gets to spend lesser time with you(unless she is in LDR).
All the best :o)

14 10 2008
Bhargav Ram

Hi Vikrant,

Woh keh gaye humse ki aapke qwaabon mein aayenge,
Unse kahon vaada to kare humse,
Hum Umar bhar ke liye so jayenge !!

Yaar, sabki story ek jaisi kyun hai? Infact, something worse with me. Ek deviji ne to mujhe Uncle kahan without realising that I am younger than her..!!(Blame the grey strands of hair…)
Next, I ask somebody whether she has a BF….and she says you are a kid ..dont get into this now..!!

Yaar, Aisa kyun hota hai?

zaroorat hain, zaroorat hain…sakht zaroorat hain…..

Kisi ke intezaar mein,
Bhargava Ram

14 10 2008
Vikrant Payal

Hey there Vikrant!!
may your tribe increase…

Read your blog the other day
My comments: “Oh please,

Well you are right some places
you need to be a bit ‘wrong’

may be take up a dare
or dig that despo bong

See, the last time I saw
flowers were born to thorns

Be they dainty, delicate
they’ll just get floral scorns

The sweetest silver waters
Need rocks to guide their flow

You need to be a metal spike
to ride the Cupid bow.

That said my friend, the author
I leave you to sit n ponder

To decide if you wanna be
The eagle or the gander

Well, do me a small favor though
Try this little switch

For once call a dog a dog
n call a bitch a bitch.

Yours truly,

14 10 2008

Vikrant, what’s wrong with you. Relax. You’re quite hot. You’ll get the girls. You’re probably waiting for them to make the first move, a bad move if you’re a boy. Anyway, take care. Assert yourself, and you’ll be out of the singles club forever (if that’s the dubious desire you have). Lots of luck, Meghna

14 10 2008
Dheepika B

Brilliantly written.

27 11 2008

Well written!
Why restrict urself to one gal wen u have the option to be the nice, sweet, cute boy for many? 😉

13 03 2009
Krishna Chaitanya

its such a funny yet excellent post.. I agree with Nivedita’s comment.. go viks…have more..

10 06 2009

LOL.. after reading the comments on this blog I realized that this is yet another way the guys can get girls/guys ( depending on orientation ). Act like this paapa senti speaking-from-the-bottommost-pit-of-your-heart thing who no one falls in love with and whose life is totally screwed . And then they come running oh no dear… We love uuuuu …we care about u .. u are hot and sexy and we want to mother you !! LMAO..

Awesome post BTW.. an eye opener 😉 .. LOLing at ofc

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