100 days of Sudarshan Kriya

10 11 2008

skSudarshan kriya is a unique breathing technique developed by my beloved Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It basically involves breathing in and out in a certain rhythm and has tremendous benefits.

Basically the kriya and other pranayams need to be done daily and if possible in the morning. But human beings and especially me are lazy. Despite knowing that it’s good and needs to be done everyday, invariably a day comes when I manage to miss it.

Hence, I have decided, that starting November 10th, I will do the kriya for 100 days without missing a single day – come what may.

Hence the chart below. It will help me keep a track of the way I have been doing the kriya. Others too may join in if they wish to.



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10 11 2008

Hi Vikrant,

All the best. I too will join you in making it happen for 100 days starting from today.

Jai Gurudev!

11 11 2008

All the best too. These kind of commitments make life better 🙂

18 08 2010

A noble effort! How are your practices going?

1 12 2010

Hi, Came across some opposing view on Sudarshan Kriya. What is your take on that?

The views are at http://agyaatdarshan.wordpress.com

Can you check that and say something..

– J

1 12 2010

@ Jahannumwala

I started reading it and I stopped after a while. The writer is simply exaggerating or may be he did something wrong.

When lakhs of people (must be crores by now) have felt awesome after doing kriya and pranayam, he is just one exception. All I would say to you is do it and if you feel good…awesome!, else… leave it.

Do it properly and do it regularly. If it wasn’t so good, people wouldn’t recommend it to their friends and family. The author in that post is just someone who is opposed to Gurus.

3 01 2011
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