A Small Story of Love

23 03 2010

I have been asked why I don’t blog so often now and I am sorry if you guys miss my writing. And well, I take it as a compliment of course. Reason is simple. I don’t have much to say. This blog is not about my idea or opinions. It’s just some stories I have encountered in life. Some are mine and some are of people I know. But basically they are stories. So until something doesn’t happen around me, this blog stays put. So you can guess, someting has indeed happened recently. I fell in love. Today’s story is about that love. Here we go.

Last week I went to Rishikesh. Don’t ask me how. I just did. Went for a conference to Delhi. Felt out of place there and thought of doing a bit of soul searching etc. and landed up in Rishikesh. There I met Pavni. This is her little story. It’s edited because it’s my blog but the crux of it hasn’t changed.

During one of Guruji’s (that’s His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) satsangs in Rishikesh, an old lady came up to Him with a child in her hands. The lady wasn’t old I guess. Just the lines on her face, from too much of physical work made her look old. The child, she told Guruji was an abandoned child. She had found the baby girl in the bushes nearby on the banks of river Ganga. She didn’t know what to do with her.

Guruji just smiled as He normally does. Nodded His head and made an eye contact with “Her”.  Don’t ask me, who. It was just somebody sitting in the Satsangs. And She immediately knew what She had to do. After the satsang was over, She went to the lady to have a look at the child.

She was a beautiful child. She was dark but then, She thought, wasn’t Krishna dark too? She lay there smiling in the old woman’s hands. Blissfully moving her tiny hands and feet and smiling at Her. And She knew, there was some connection here. It was love in first sight.

“What’s her name?”, She asked the woman in Hindi.

“I don’t know.” said the woman.

“Let’s call her Pavni Ganga.”

And so she came to be known as Pavni Ganga or simply Pavni.

“I can take care of her”, said the old woman, “but I don’t have enough money.”

“Don’t worry about it. I will send you money regularly. You just take care of her needs.”

And so it happened. Pavni became her adopted daughter. This happened in 2006. Four years ago. Pavni now is four years old and the love story is still on.

Two weeks back She met Pavni again and enrolled her in a school run by a relatively unknown NGO called KHUSHI FOUNDATION. Pavni now goes to school.

This Saturday I met Pavni. She is a very beautiful 4 year old girl and is very bright. She liked me immediately. Her home is right next to the Ganga river. We played in the river for a while. We made some silly game to play and she liked it very much. It basically involved splashing a lot of water and getting wet.

She then took me to see her school. The NGO, run by a Dutch woman Madelien Broekman. On the way we saw a shop. Pavni is crazy about chocolates. She does a lot of dramas just to get that chocolate. (Just like She does.) I had no choice to get her the chocolate. So that’s Pavni. I was glad I could meet her. It was one of the best evenings I had. The holy river and the story of love.

And now the answer, who is She?

It’s none other than our dear Minni.

Sure go to Rishikesh. That is one place you should never miss. Sure go for river rafting and the ashrams and the chantings. But remember this small little story and go meet this little angel, who is being taken care of by another angel. You will fall in love with her. At least I did.



19 responses

25 03 2010

Really, mamu it was wonderful evening that u have shared with us about ur special tour of Rishekesh.

25 03 2010

just read
its nice u have put pics
mini is so beautiful , loved her nose

25 03 2010
Vikrant Payal

Beautiful! You two rock.

25 03 2010

I know mini di from past two years. But “puvni story” makes her very special to me. It is really a great inspiration and knowledge to us, she spreads through out her life. Thanks mamu and mini di.

25 03 2010

Wow, I didn’t know.
Beautiful story, beautifully written, beautiful Minni..

26 03 2010

Jai Gurudev! Nice to mini again 🙂 God bless Pavni!!

26 03 2010

omg … 🙂 wow! this is amazing!!!!!

26 03 2010

Divine excellence. No other words.

26 03 2010

Hey, very good stuff. And very well written.

26 03 2010

u r so lucky, hope u’ll share ur luck with me. I wud love to meet her one day. Pls

26 03 2010

We have spent 2 years with Minni Di and had a first hand experience of her motherly love. This was a very well written instance. Thanks to Vikrant.

Jai Gurudev.

26 03 2010

vik, thank you.

26 03 2010

and thanks to all of you lovable dear ones for sharing your love and blessings for pavni.

26 03 2010

very nice story…even though i am poor in understanding i could feel the fragrance of love in the story…

27 03 2010

this is called true love. can u imagine how much love and care She has. Vikrant bhaia your writing is awesome.

28 03 2010

nice story and heads off to minni mam, i m so pleasured that i know her……………..God bless pavni, we wld soon like to meet her……..

16 04 2010

Lovely story and felt really proud to know that we still got caring people in India and also known to Minni Mam as well, she taught us once, a lovely women indeed…..

19 04 2010
T. Krishna Chaitanya

You are something. From where to where you r travelling in life? Its amazing, surprising and thought provoking. I need to talk to yu sometime. And I appreciate Minni for her kind heart and you for posting such a post.

3 01 2011
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